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The first English-language website exclusively dedicated to Cordoba, promoting Cordoba since 2005.

Contact email is an unofficial guide to the city (and in the future, province) of Cordoba, Spain. Started in 2005, It is the first website exclusively dedicated to Cordoba and written by an English-speaking writer for the English-speaking tourist.


"More is less." Infocordoba promotes authentic travel experiences, and not just "doing" as many cities as possible during a vacation. For a vacation to be refreshing and more than just a blur, we encourage getting a little off the beaten track and really getting to know a country. We like to provide tips that will make your stay in Cordoba a memorable experience and we encourage you to explore this beautiful city, taking it in with the 5 senses and stopping long enough to get a sense of place.

Our Objectives:

For travellers:
1. Help visitors plan an enjoyable, authentic holiday to Spain.
2. Inform prospective visitors about little-known sights and experiences in Cordoba, and quality establishments.
3. Provide concise, readable information (without bad translations or "Spanglish").
4. Provide insightful travel articles on the city and province of Cordoba, and on travel in Spain.

For Cordoba:
1. Effectively explain to the English-speaking tourist all that Cordoba has to offer.
2. Help make Cordoba a prime destination for tourists looking for an alternative to mass tourism, by presenting Cordoba's full potential-not just its major monuments.
3. Provide information and articles which are pleasant to read for native English readers, overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers.
4. Bring together a variety of information and services in one place without bells and whistles which well-subsidized web designers invent to waste your time and others' money.
5. Provide a place for quality businesses and institutions to effectively advertise themselves and promote their services to prospective, English-speaking visitors.
6. Support Cordoba's efforts to promote itself as the great place it is, for example its 2016 European Cultural Capital candidacy and its expanded World Heritage status.

For the Webmaster and Writer:
1. Share my years of experience visiting and residing in Cordoba, and continue to discover its secrets.
2. Pay for the maintenance expenses of the website through advertising and affiliate partnerships.
3. Dedicate more time to writing about Cordoba and improving this website.

Article: Infocordoba Approaching 100,000 visitors in 2008: How our tourism website started (22 Nov 2008)


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