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The Province of Cordoba is full of towns which offer travelers authentic experiences in rural Andalusia, far from mass tourism. In less than an hour from the city of Cordoba is another sort of world entirely, just waiting to be explored. Below is a list of just some of the towns which are worth visiting in the province, along with some worthwhile excursions to make from Cordoba.

In the future, I hope to expand Infocordoba's coverage more completely, and I will post more town profiles and articles as my travels and my limited time permit.

Map of Cordoba Province, Andalusia SpainMap of Cordoba Province

Excursions from the City of Cordoba

  • Medina Azahara. 11km. Ruins of 10th-century captial of the western world.
  • Santa Maria de Trassierra (Trassierra). 17km, just NW of Medina Azahara.
  • Amodovar. 22 km. Neat castle.
  • Hermitage (Las Hermitas).

Regions and Towns in Cordoba Province

Sierra - Pedroches Valley

  • Pozoblanco

Sierra - Alto Guadiato River Valley

  • Fuente Obejuna

Guadalquivir River

  • Montoro (45 km)
  • Almodovar
  • Hornachuelos
  • Palma del Rio


  • Baena
  • Montilla
  • Lucena

Subbetica Sierra

  • Cabra
  • Zuheros (76 km)
  • Priego
  • Rute
  • Iznajar

Nature Reserves & Parks in Cordoba Province

  • Hornachuelos
  • Cerdena-Montoro

Rural Tourism in Cordoba Province, Andalusia, Spain

  • Country houses, Andalusian Villas
  • Houses in Andalusian towns




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