Photos Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos in Cordoba

Fortifications, gardens and palace

The Alcazar is a joy to stroll through on a warm spring day, when the flowers are in full bloom. Multiple fountains trickle and goldfish swim in the pools. In the 13th-century palace hang amazing Roman mosaics, and a Roman sarcophagus reminds us that death is just one step beyond an open door. In the summer, many open air concerts are held until late at night, including the Cordoba Guitar Festival. Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger version. Descriptions will be added in the coming weeks (can anyone identify flowers?).

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Pools and fountains in the Alcazar de los Reyes Catolicos gardens
Colorful photo of Alcazar's fountains with petunias in Cordoba
Colorful view
Jets of water in the Alcazar de los Reyes Católicos - Cordoba Spain
Refreshing jets
Concerts are often held in the area just south of the gardens of the Alcazar in Cordoba
Side view
Water spout in Alcazar Gardens - Cordoba Spain
Close-up spout
View of fountain in Alcazar de los Reyes Católicos - Córdoba España
View fountain
Water lilies in Alcazar fountain - Cordoba Spain
Water lilies
Water lily in Alcazar gardens
Close-up lily
Dahlia close-up in Alcazar gardens
Dahlias in Alcazar gardens
Excellent photo of Alcazar fountains, flowers and walks - Cordoba
Colorful dahlias

Alcazar flowers
Close-up yellow dahlia in Alcazar Gardens

Reverse view of Alcazar palace, fountains and flowers - Cordoba
View Castle
Beds of Chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum Sinense) in Alcazar garden
Alcazar flowers
Another pretty photo of fountains and flowers in Alcazar de los Reyes Catolicos
Beautiful views
Trimmed hedges and Chrysanthemums in Alcazar gardens
Trimmed hedges
Statues of Reyes Catolicos, Ferdinand and Isabella, with Christopher Columbus - Alcazar in Cordoba
Pretty photo of hedges and flowers - Alcazar Cordoba
Hedges flowers

Alcazar flowers
Statues of Columbus with Ferdinand and Isabella, fountain spouts in foreground
Reyes Católicos
Picture of fountain in Alcazar de los Reyes Católicos
Another fountain
Photo of length of fountain, statue Columbus and Reyes Catolicos at end - Cordoba
Full-length view
Fish swimming in pools of Alcazar - Cordoba
Fish ponds
Towers in Alcazar castle - Cordoba Spain
Alcazar tower
Fish pool in Alcazar de los Reyes Católicos - Córdoba
Tower in Alcazar de los Reyes Católicos - Córdoba
Entrance tower
Entrance to castle patios - Alcazar de los Reyes Católicos
Castle patios
Coats of Arms - Alcazar de los Reyes Catolicos
Coats of arms
Cooridor along interior patio - Alcazar
Foutain in quiet garden - Alcazar de los Reyes Católicos
Portrait of King Alfonso XIII hanging in Alcazar - Córdoba
Alfonso XIII
Interior patios in Alcazar - Cordoba
Castle patios
Area near Arab Baths in Alcazar - Cordoba
Arab baths
Detail Mudejar decoration near Arab Baths - Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos - Cordoba
Original decor
Room in Alcazar de los Reyes Catolicos
Room Alcazar
Roman mosaic Eros and Psyche - Alcazar in Cordoba
Eros and Psyche
Large Roman mosaic found under Corredera Square, Cordoba Spain
Roman mosaic
Roman mosaic of Neptune - Alcazar de los Reyes Catolicos
Neptune mosaic
Detail Roman mosaic - Alcazar
Detail mosaics
Medieval floor tiles of Alcazar - Cordoba Spain
Original flooring
Fabulous Roman sarcaphagus displayed in Alcazar of Cordoba
Detail figures of Roman Sarcophagus - Cordoba Alcazar
Kingly statue in Alcazar gardens
Alcazar Statue
Outer walls of Alcazar - Córdoba
Walls Alcazar
Exterior view Alcazar towers - Córdoba
Tower Alcazar

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