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Statues of Columbus with Ferdinand and Isabella, fountain spouts in foreground

Photo by J. Entrenas - ©2005

Another view of Pablo Yusti's fanciful statues. Christopher Columbus here converses with King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile about his project to find a direct trade route to India by sailing west. All three subjects are extremely interesting historical figures.

Of Fernando, The Prince, Conquistadores and Colonization

Of Ferdinand, we know that Machiavelli considered him the ideal Prince. Certainly, the forging of the modern Spanish state was an impressive accomplishment. After the conquest of the last Spanish stronghold of the Moors, in Granada (1492), Columbus' expedition provided a new outlet. Once the New World was discovered on 12 October 1492, new expeditions would bring Spanish colonizers. Practiced in ruling extensive territories won during the reconquista, the first wave of Spanish conquistadores would effectively take the expansion of the Spanish empire to the western hemisphere, bringing in a new era of world history. Queen Isabella would later establish a commission to protect her new Native American subjects against abuses made by the Spanish adventurers in the West Indies.

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